Atelier Gerbrand — Schilderkunst
'We are Gerbrand Lub and Eline de Zoete, In August 2020 we opened the doors of our studio: Atelier Gerbrand to the public.
An intimate and light place in the Westerstraat of Enkhuizen where we create and expose all our work. We both work here 'live' on our projects and have several workshops taking place during the week.'

Eline de Zoete

After Eline moved to North Holland, she became acquainted with Magical Realist Axel Kreher (1941-2001). from who she received private lessons for a year, after which she developed herself further.

Eline is on many levels active in the arts, she has written plays, poems, songs, a picture book,columns and various short scenarios, besides of all thi she is the creator of the dolls Lila and Loet andplayer/actor and designer at theatrical group Drommedaris.

Her work often has dreamy and sensual themes that inspire a lot of passion. Bright colours, energy and feminine power are the keywords that describe her work

Gebrand Lub

Gerbrand is an adventurer from heart and soul. As a boy of 14 he boarded his uncle's fishing cutter without scruple, because school had nothing to offer him. The outer adventure pulled harder than the school benches.

Afterwards he visited and experienced every corner of the world. And still he continues to travel. Since 2009 he has started translating his memories into paintings.

Gerbrand has always been very attracted to modern art and especially to the named Cobra group. Karel Appel in particular has always been a great source of inspiration

In the past 10 years his work has developed more and more and there is a large collection of colorful memories of many distant place.
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